Hi! My name is Juan Diaz and I am a Front End Developer based in Asheville, NC.

Juan Diaz

About me

Committed Front End developer seeking opportunities in growth-oriented startups. Upholds values of discipline, loyalty, and reliability, with a self-motivated approach to continuous learning and skill enhancement


Migue Diaz Project

Migue Diaz

A personal site for a client. Displays the location of both the visitor and the website owner, along with the distance between them.

Next.js Tailwind CSS Leaflet API
Free For Geeks site

Free For Geeks

A curated list of free resources for developers and geeks.

Docsify OpenSource Community
Jp·Shop Project


Collection of projects. Including a Markdown Previewer, a Drum Machine, a Calculator, a Pomodoro Clock, a Quote Generator and many more.

React Tailwind CSS API
Juan Diaz's Docs Project

Juan Diaz's Docs

My documentation site for projects, tech notes, and career advancement.

Jekyll SASS
Jp·Shop Project


Responsive online store that consumes an API to fetch products. Features include a sign in, product filtering, skeleton screens, and pagination

React Tailwind CSS API
Landing Page Project

Landing Page

Responsive landing page built with React and Tailwind CSS.

React Tailwind CSS
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Open Source

I love to contribute to OSS. Here are a few projects that I have worked on.


Next.js Tailwind CSS TS

Confs Tech

TypeScript JavaScript SCSS


Svelte JavaScript

Public APIs

Python JavaScript Shell


TypeScript JavaScript


TypeScript JavaScript


TypeScript JavaScript


HTML CSS JavaScript

React Play

Ruby Jekyll SASS